Fitness Suite

Cardio-Vascular Equipment
(Life Fitness)

2 Treadmills
2 Cross Trainers
2 Upright Bikes
1 Recumbent Bike
2 Concept II Rowing Machine

Strength Equipment
(Life Fitness)

Multi Press
Lateral Pulldown / Seated Row
Pec Fly / Rear Delt
Bicep / Tricep Pulley
Leg Press / Calf Press
Leg Curl / Extension

Hip Abductor / Adductor

Free Equipment

Core Stability Balls
Medicine Balls

Other Benefits
The well equipped Fitness Suite also features floor to ceiling windows giving an external view and a sound system able to play music and radio channels.
A compulsory Fitness Suite Induction is available to all first time users.

Idea for

  • General / Specific Health & Fitness Training
  • Personal Training



Indicative charges
£20 per hour (exclusive usage)
Personal Training - please contact us for charges

Mayfield Fitness Suite